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The Food 
At Goodgrubb, our premium dishes feature flavors inspired by Caribbean- Southern-Soul foods and it's all gluten-free!  All of our items are prepared in a dedicated gluten-free commercial facility using premium fresh, high-quality, seasonal ingredients.  We offer a rotating menu of curated premium dishes that will delight your taste buds and comfort your soul. 
You will find some of your favorites on our menu, curry shrimp and grits, fried chicken and waffles, jerk chicken, sweet potato pie and poundcake to name just a few.
Too many meal prep’s out there swap good taste for something ‘good for you’. Well that’s not our belief, you should be able to have both!  We don’t do the bland gluten-free meals that make you settle for subpar flavor. We make goodgrubb that focuses on premium ingredients and the natural nutrition they provide.
You don’t have to miss out anymore. Goodgrubb is here to share with you the ease and convenience of ready-to-heat & eat premium comfort food
Our premium comfort food items are both gluten-free and delicious.

More About Goodgrubb

Food is at the heart of many families most memorable moments and not being able to experience those moments because of dietary issues can be heartbreaking. I was first inspired to create Goodgrubb by my son's need to follow a gluten-free diet after he was diagnosed with celiac disease. I am further inspired by the many heart-warming and memorable moments I experienced cooking alongside my Mother, Grandmother and Great-Grandmother from a very young age. Once I became a mother myself, I just couldn’t imagine that my own family might miss out on experiencing some of those same kinds of special meals or moments. 


Goodgrubb was created to share premium gluten-free allergy friendly versions of those regional, cultural, globally inspired comfort dishes for those with and without dietary restrictions.  We are happy to provide the community with a 100% gluten-free premium homestyle option as well as being  allergy and vegan friendly.


We believe in soulful cooking traditions, sustainable, healthy practices, and providing a useful service to local and underserved communities.

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NO Cross Contamination  *   NO Gluten Zone *

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